ProTeam is unlike other graduate recruitment schemes. Your primary task will be to change the very organization you are working for. The Lufthansa Group is a highly successful company, one of the best-known names in aviation. But to shape the future we’re going to have to think in a revolutionary way. That requires original minds, a digital attitude and lateral solutions.

If accepted for ProTeam you will find yourself working and training with 9 other brilliant, visionary individuals. You will be given real and complex projects with high stakes and proper budgets. You will get to know the most intimate workings of a €30 billion organization.
And you’ll get to know yourself.



ProTeam wants you
Meet ProTeam Generation 31
Former ProTeam members now with Lufthansa Group

We don’t think of ProTeam as a program. It’s not a conventional pathway to employment. Instead, it’s a no-expense spared investment in extraordinary people who will drive cultural change within our company. To achieve this, we develop skills you already have and equip you with new ones. There are 11 key stages.


For five weeks you’ll be given unprecedented access to the Lufthansa Group. You’ll hear presentations by people from all over the organization. It could be the CEO, or a forklift driver. You’ll be able to view and assess our airport operations, from our pioneering use of bio fuels to our methods for disembarking 526 passengers from an A380 in 90 seconds. It will help you to understand how we’re already shaping the future of aviation.

A ruler is for measuring, right? Not necessarily.


To shape the future we’re going to have to think in a totally unexpected way. Can you think of an original use for a folding ruler? Could it get you out of a tricky situation? Or provide a clever solution to a problem?


Change and enthusiasm are the most important parts of ProTeam. Lufthansa Group is a large and successful institution but it needs to move with the times. We’ll teach you how to use your strengths to foster and implement change. You’ll learn how to motivate and inspire others through empathy and inclusiveness - and by making them laugh.

A red nose makes people laugh. It also saves lives.

To shape the future we’re going to have to think in a radically new way. What could you do with a red nose?


As the name implies ProTeam is very much a team initiative. You’ll take part in teambuilding exercises indoors and outdoors at our Training Centre in Seeheim. We’ll give you a set of survival and orienteering challenges. These are more fun than they sound and there will be plenty of time for you to get to know the 9 other clever, digital people who have been selected for ProTeam.

Chewing gum has been used to bond glasses, fill cracks and insulate wires. Can you think of a clever use for it?

To shape the future we’re going to have to think in a different way. What could you do with a piece of chewing gum?


How would you like to develop? What would make you flourish? Throughout ProTeam you’ll take part in coaching to help you find the most appropriate home for your talents. We'll teach you to stand frustration and to face challenges in order to complete your tasks.

Seeds provide us with food, now and in the future. Could they fulfill another function?

To shape the future we’re going to have to change our view of the world. What could you do with a handful of sunflower seeds?


In the middle of the program you’ll take part in a retreat at the Benedictine monastery in Münsterschwarzach. This is a time for intensive reflection, meditation and contemplation. The aim is to create awareness of yourself and those around you. Many ProTeam graduates report this as the most rewarding part of the journey.

Most people think of a candle as a source of light or as an aid for prayer. But you could use it to wax a pair of skis – or even waterproof a handwritten sign. To shape the future we’re going to have to think in an unorthodox way. What could you do with a candle?


ProTeam gives a lot but it also expects a lot. You’ll have to create solutions for four reallife projects, three at our European base and one overseas – it could be Cape Town, New York, Bangkok or elsewhere. Past ProTeam projects have included devising a strategy for converting Business passengers to First Class and evaluating a €60 million move into e-cargo.

Few things are as versatile as duct tape. It has been used to prevent glass shattering and even save the lives of astronauts.

To shape the future we’re going to have to think along different lines. What could you do with a roll of duct tape?


We believe that learning is most effective when combined with fun. Our General Aviation Management Simulation (GAMS) gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to sharpen your management decision-making abilities in a simulated operational context.

Do you like taking risks? Good. You’re in the right place.

To shape the future we need maverick thinking. How could you use a dice to shape the future of Lufthansa Group, or of aviation in general?


If Lufthansa Group is to shape the future we must work even harder to help society and the environment. Doing good for other people starts with seeing things through other people’s eyes. We’ll send you to Bangkok, for example, to undertake a social impact project with Lufthansa Help Alliance. You’ll be eating in local restaurants, using local transport and socializing with local people.

A microbiologist had the bright idea of using a folded sari as a filter for contaminated water.
It was tested in villages in Bangladesh and cholera rates dropped 50%.

To shape the future we’re going to have to reconfigure the way we think. What could you do with a sari?


Individual brilliance is all very well. But the future lies in collaboration. That’s why we’ve introduced a new stage to ProTeam. For two weeks you’ll work with your colleagues on a make-or-break challenge that will require you to harness each other’s strengths.

Caribiners have 1,000 applications, from harnessing mountaineers to attaching keyrings. Can you think of a 1,001st?

To shape the future we’re going to have to re-envisage the world. Can you think of a new way to use a caribiner?


Would you like to learn how to bring an audience to its feet? Or how to settle a dispute? We’ll teach you. Throughout the 18 months of ProTeam, specialists from the Lufthansa Group Campus will give you training in a range of life skills and professional techniques. All you have to do is absorb.

Every bathroom has a sponge. It’s an object that we take for granted.

To shape the future we’re going to have to look at familiar things in an unfamiliar way. Can you think of an ingenious use for a sponge?


This stage of ProTeam requires all your powers of original thinking. You’ll be asked to come up with new ideas using all your creativity and vision. For inspiration, ProTeam will travel to Singularity University in Palo Alto in September 2017 to learn about exponential thinking, technology and tools that are helping us shape the future. Could you think of new business models with drones, using 3D printers for spare parts or food, or design a new app?
As with everything you do on ProTeam, you’ll be challenged, enthused and pushed to the limit. But you won’t ever be bored.

To one person dental floss is a way to keep teeth clean. To another, it’s a way to fix a dripping tap.

To shape the future we need a whole new way of thinking. Can you think of an original use for dental floss? Could it get you out of a tricky situation? Or provide a clever solution to a problem?

  • A total of 10 women and men will be recruited for Lufthansa Group.
  • All business units of the Lufthansa Group are involved in the ProTeam program.
  • The contract is for 18 months.
  • You’ll need a master's degree or equivalent
  • Very good command of the English language, German is beneficial. We offer the chance of a German
    language course before starting the program.
  • All disciplines are welcome. Necessary is being fancy on aviation, digital challenges and interdisciplinary thinking.

How to

Even the very first step on the way to joining ProTeam is special: Unlike a conventional application, your CV does not play a role at first. First, you will have to complete the online assessment center and answer a few questions which have to be answered concretely.
After passing the test, you must upload a self-produced video. This video should be a maximum of three minutes long. Professional equipment is not required. Important is to present yourself and your ideas.

The application process consists of these steps which all need to be passed. Noncompliance with these provisions or vague answers to the questions, result in exclusion from the application process. Therefore please read the instructions very carefully!
The video is one of these steps.
As soon as you have started your application, you have 5 days to complete the online assessment center and another 10 days to upload the video.

The application process is now closed. You can apply for the 2019 intake as of June 2018.

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